Saturday, November 28, 2009

IMPORTANT Facebook Thing

Well, although I hate to kick off this blog with a preachy advertising post, I have no choice.  In the midst of all this NYRA excitement (NYRA is the National Youth Rights Association and I'm on the board of it so regardless of my will to I always seem to get wrapped up in any NYRA excitement... not that I mind, it makes me feel important.  Plus, Youth Rights are important :D).

So, if you have a Facebook, you should read this.  Because it's IMPORTANT.  (Like me :P.)
Chase Bank is doing this cool thing where, to show off the fact that it's still making money, it gives some money to a charity or organization.  It's called Chase Community Giving and NYRA is in the runnings to win some money from it.  So if you wanna be a supercalifragalisticexpealidocious ninja-monkey-superhero, then you start by going here to become a fan of the project.  That gives you 20 votes to spend however you please.  But if you please to help Youth Rights (don't worry, I'll tell you why you should later on in the week, I'm not counting this as my weekly post, that'd be cheap) then do the following.

First, vote for NYRA here.

Then, vote for NYRA's allies:
Atlas Service Corps. Inc.Arlington Street People's Assistance NetworkArlington Food Assistance Center (I dunno why this link is really weird, sorry about that... it's not like really important though, it's just a spaz.), Manna Project InternationalService For PeaceThink Impact (Student Movement for Real Change), and Youth Venture.

Thank you a million times over, NYRA appreciates your help.  I appreciate your help.  And most importantly, America appreciates your help.
Okay, that last one was a lie, but the youth of America need you, so thanks.

Why Hello There

Hello reader.
As you may know, I am JJ from the amazing blog
But what you may not know is that I'm more than just a Degrassi fan.  I'm also and Youth Rights advocator... I dunno if that's actually a term but it is now so... yeah.
Anywayz, while singing to myself and brushing my teeth (at the same time) I promised myself that at least once a week I would post something about youth rights on a blog.  I soon realized that maybe a Degrassi blog was not the greatest place for that.  So I decided to make a new blog so I don't appear a complete NYRA failure.  And this would be that blog.  I hope you enjoy... and if you don't, I hope you at least learn a thing or two.  Because this slowly collapsing empire is being handed to my generation and we can't do anything about it and that just doesn't make sense.  That's an injustice I hope to change.  That, and I have no life.  So when I'm sitting on Facebook procrastinating and not doing homework, I'll be able to pretend I have something important to do and make my weekly post.